Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is something you’ll often see promoted on an online casino’s home page, or in the slots section.  It is a potential prize which increases in value with each spin on a slot.

If the progressive jackpot is shown you will probably see it increasing in real time, as there is almost always someone, somewhere having a spin.  The figure will continue to rise until someone wins, then it is reset to a predetermined amount, and the process starts again.

Jackpot levels

There will usually be different levels or tiers of gameplay and jackpot.  When you play for the big stakes, then you have the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot, but all players will normally contribute with their spins, no matter their tier of choice.

Online slots have lots of variations, so your spending and betting can depend on a number of choices you make before play starts.  You can still win worthwhile numbers with smaller bets, but when you bet bigger, you are looking at a larger prize.


You can’t expect the progressive jackpot to pay regularly, because then the sum would never reach the eye-catching figure that makes it such a draw for players.  It has to progress and build, and once it is paid it is gone, so the value resets to a much smaller sum.  Patience is essential, and you are foregoing the chance for smaller wins, but it gives you the opportunity to walk away with one, single massive prize.


Online casinos take security very seriously, and you should see confirmation of a safe, secure online deposit and payment system.  This means you can enjoy your games knowing that the casino runs a reliable operation, and that if you do get that massive jackpot, then it will be securely paid in full to your account.