Gambling Support

Know your limits

It’s important to be aware of your own limitations, and to recognise if and when any issues arise relating to your gambling.  Online casinos promote safe and controlled betting and spending, but, as gambling limits are the free choice of an individual, it’s useful to know that there is support available should anyone begin to feel concerned about addiction.

Know the facts

If you are new to online casinos then it would be sensible to become aware of the negative side; the games are fun and winning is a thrill, but when you become dependent on the experience, then there is a problem, and it can lead to further issues.

Listen to advice

Should you find that your gambling is being noticed by, or affecting, those around you, then listen to them.  A major part of ignoring addiction is ignoring advice from those close to you, and if they say something is wrong then you need to address thus.

Gambling support online

This shirt guide is a just a brief outline about gambling support and recognising addiction.  There are two very comprehensive UK websites dedicated to those in need of support, and if you are concerned then pay them a visit:


GamCare offers support, information and advice to anyone dealing with a gambling problem.  You can contact a trained advisor through the web, or via phone, and you can join a forum or chatroom.  There is also support for young people looking for facts about gambling or a place to tell their story.

Gamble Aware gives you everything you need to know about gambling, with detailed information about types of gambling and how best to manage it.  You can learn about recognising a problem, and seek out help, advice and support anonymously.