Beginner's guide

Walking into a real casino is a famously dazzling experience, and it can saturate your senses before you get a chance to become used to the games and the other players.  The difference with online casinos is that you can still enjoy the thrill of playing, the exhilaration of winning and the vibrant nature of the games, but you are in the comfort of your own home.

This gives you the opportunity to improve your focus, and perhaps get more from your experience because there are fewer distractions.  You play in your own time, but still get the chance to play against real other players, gamble with live dealers and play slots which pay out huge sums.


Online casinos will usually give you a range of table games, and these will mirror the ones found in the real casino.  The idea is to replicate the real experience as best as possible, and this means giving you the games you want.  Roulette, blackjack and craps are all usually available, and big money, elite games like Baccarat may also be on offer.  Any variation in rules will be established before play, but you will find that the visual style varies depending on the software used.

Browser or Download

Most of the online casinos will give you the choice of live browser play or a software download.  This means you get play straight away on the website, or you can have the games downloaded and play whenever you choose.  Both options are popular, but the software can vary.  So, the actual look or feel of the games will change depending on which software the online casino has chosen.


Poker is such a popular game that you might find it has its own dedicated section within the online casino.  Some of them brand the casino separately from poker, and you’ll find that poker has a distinct and excusive feel.  There are lots of variations of the game itself, as well as countless opportunities for a casino to vary and tailor the game’s design, but the structure of the game should be clear, and you’ll have the option to study rules and game layout.


Slots are a hugely popular part of online casinos, with a huge selection of themed machines and plenty of chances to win massive payouts.  You can find slots based on blockbuster movies, or one of the classic styles, and you are given lots of options regarding how you want to bet.  Slots are fast paced, very visual and great fun, but remember that each spin costs so keep an eye on the numbers.


Each casino has its own style and design, and there is no right or wrong choice.  Look at the different casinos and see which one feels right, and you can always try different ones.  There are introductory deals on offer, including free bets, so compare the options and pick the casino that gives you the best benefits with the best buzz.


Some casino will offer you a free bet without depositing, all you have to do is register.  There will also be offers that match your first deposit up to a specified amount.  Either way, if you want to play on with a casino you will need to deposit money.  You do not pay for bets separately, as this would be long and laborious.  Instead, you will have an amount ‘in the bank’, and this can be used on bets.  Should this run out you can always deposit more.  This comes from your own account, and the casinos should use high quality safety and security measures for both depositing money and paying out winnings.