Betting on the roulette wheel makes for great fun and gives players plenty of opportunity to win big. There are US and European versions of the wheel, so make sure you know which one is which, and the idea is to bet on the ball’s landing spot after the wheel spins – predict a single number, several numbers, red or black colours or odd/even predictions to win!

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Roulette - How to Play

Roulette is one of the easier games to grasp, with fairly simple rules and an obvious route to winning or losing.  The word ‘roulette’ comes from the French term to describe a little wheel, and this little wheel gives you the chance to rake in some big numbers.

The roulette wheel

A roulette wheel is built to spin, and displays either 37 (French/European) or 38 (US) coloured and numbered pockets in an unbroken circle within its circumference.

The colours alternate red and black, and the US game includes two green slots numbered 0, whilst the French/European version has one.

The aim

A ball is sent in the opposite direction to the wheel’s spin, eventually settling in one of the pockets, and players bet on the outcome.

Bets are placed on the roulette layout, and players can put their money on a single number, several numbers, the colours red or black, or odd/even number predictions.


You have a short space of time to place your bets, and this will be indicated by the dealer.  It is usually just after the ball has been released, hence the rush.

Winnings will be paid after each spin.


If you successfully bet that the outcome will be a non-specific low number (1 to 18), non-specific high number (19 to 36), red, black, even or odd, then the house pays 1:1.

If you successfully bet on the first dozen (1-12), second dozen (13 to 24) or third dozen (14 to 26), or bet on one of the three columns of numbers available, then the house pays 2:1.

If you choose a specific number, and succeed, then the house pay at 35:1 - it’s rare, but when your lucky number comes up this is a substantial reward.

La Partage rule, also known as ‘Surrender’, is a French roulette rule which applies to even money bets.  If the ball lands on 0, the player is free to take back half his or her original bet.

There are other types of bets available; you can bet on two adjacent numbers, which is known as a split bet, and you do this by placing your bet on the dividing line.  A street bet lets you cover three numbers with one bet, whilst corner bet covers four.  There are further variations, but this should give you the foundation you need to enjoy a game of roulette and try to get that little wheel spinning your way.