A fan of BetVictor has been rewarded with one of the biggest wins in the history of online gambling, as he walked away with a £4.5 million jackpot.

Sandro, 46, initially started using BetVictor after hearing glowing recommendations from others using an online forum, and quickly became a fan.

According to PR Newswire, on this particular day he began with just £65 in his account, and whilst playing ‘Mega Fortune’ he saw his money more than double to £150, and in just 17 minutes he became a multi-millionaire.

An understandably elated Sandro said: “I can’t begin to describe what winning the jackpot feels like, it’s such an adrenaline rush, like being in a comet that flies you around the world in a second.

“I only placed a £5 bet on the winning spin which proves you don’t have to bet high to win a large sum.”

Andrew Dymock, head of BetVictor Casino, said: “This is an incredible end to the Bank Holiday weekend for one of our BetVictor customers.

“It gives us great pleasure to hand over the mouth-watering cheque to such a loyal customer. It is the biggest win we have had in our history. We have a unique offering of over 600 games across our casino websites, with several £Million jackpots still to play for and I’m sure with the growth in our gaming business we will see more multi-million £ winners in the future!”

The £4.5m jackpot is a record for BetVictor, and is only exceeded by one payout of £5.1m made by another UK online casino in 2012.